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What would you tell children about pursuing their Dreams and Changing the World?

Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask you all what you would tell young people, whether your own children or people you've never met - about pursuing their dreams and trying to change the world?

With permission from each of you, I would like to ask to quote some of the answers that are provided in a video I'm creating for a project of mine that is all about encouraging people to pursue their dreams and aiming to better enable them to do what they truly want in life. I'd love to credit each of you by name, but if you'd rather I don't, just let me know.

These quotations will be put alongside some beautiful works of art about dreams to create a kind of 'Dream Wall' that is filmed as part of the video.

I'm looking for any honest feelings you have. And am really excited to see what this great community thinks about something so wonderful and, I think, central to this period of great opportunity.

Thank you so much.


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    Nov 22 2011: I always believed that dreams come true. And it's somehow possible in our daily life. The mind of child it's like a clean paper. In a childhood we had more bright imagination than now. Why it's so? Because child has a strong faith in his dreams. He believes that this or that can exist and it's exist for him making his world interesting. Another question how to guide child's mind correctly, so he/she become a better person, a worth man or a woman of society?
    I think solution is the best movies without violence, fairy-tailes with a good ending. From the beginning parents should notice what their child like the most: painting, singing or maybe he is a good enterpreneur, so parents can help their child do develop his skills and arts. Parents should believe in their child. And this belief will grow constantly in the heart of a child, it will grow with him. He will feel his importance, his application in this world. He will know that he wasn't born accidentally, but there is some ground before it, some meaning, some purpose.

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