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Stasis: the future of cryogenics

ARK Technology

An ark is a chamber or pod that an individual would be placed in the ark consists of an artificial heart and respirator a data analysis and recording CPU and also various other medical equipment. The individual would also have a defibulator attached to their chest cavity. The arks job is to put the person into stasis or virtual suspension in which they dream and travel through time at a speed faster than the ones awake. Nanotrites are a composite of AI and chemical technology as also Medical technology. Their job is to enter the brain through the artificial heart in the ark which pumps the nanotrites into the brain as also other things because the human heart will not be usable the nanotrites tell the brain to shut down everything else in the body except the brain in addition to that they also cover every major organ, artery and vein to insure they do not get damaged or age. After this all the person’s blood is extracted from there body (the person is already in stasis by this point) the blood is analyzed and is put in a container with proper nutrients so the blood can properly reproduce making it so there’s always a supply. To ensure the brain does not die blood is constantly being pumped through the artificial heart along with oxygen supplied through the artificial respirator and brain nutrients supplied through the arks nutrient supply. When the target time is nearing or the target destination is the Nanites will be introduced in small quantities with the blood and other instead of the nanotrites the nanites job is to slowly bring the major organs and body parts back to life and to kill off the nanotrites when the organs and body parts are on standby or ready to be activated the defibulator will activate and jump start the person back to life introducing them to whatever lies ahead. LATER IDEAS AND INFORMATION MAY BE APPLIED.

This is my idea its far fetched i know but please add on too it and feel free to agree or disagree
-i am 15 years old