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How will the future menu card of restaurants look like? Digital?

It's almost obvious that the future is digital.

The newspaper got to be ePaper. You can reserve your seat for movies in cinemas. Radio went to the web and amazon makes everybody shopping online.

My question is, how you see the future of menu card's in restaurants/places to eat in 10 to 20 years from now?

I'm looking forward to your answers.


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    Nov 18 2011: Near future or distant future?
    Cause I would imagine a comfortable helmet that simulates 5 seconds of tasting a selected dish. It teases you this way.

    Of course, in cheaper restaurants, you would eat blank pasta with this helmet on and your menu card helmet becomes virtual reality, and every bite at the pasta is connected to pleasure.
    But this is too far into the future and I'm lost. With virtual reality directly connected to your brain, you could be doing anything, could apply for a 40 year contract at cleaning toilets without ever being bored of it, since you'd be bungee jumping, having sex, dancing, watching a movie, while your hands would be busy brushing crap.
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      Nov 18 2011: so, the mobile absolute experiance for humanity. Could be ;)
      What do you think about the next 20 years, where the menu card will go? It will be getting digital, but how do you think will it be?

      Nice thinking ahead with the helmet by the way. It's hopefully not where we go...
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        Nov 19 2011: How about a transparent slate that you slide vertically out of the restaurant table. Two lovers face each other and a rotating image of the dishes is displayed between them. Whenever they wish,they may lift the slate up and press on a dish or a drink they wish to order.
        Lift it at the end and press "Bill, please" when you're ready to leave. There is a slit in which you may insert your credit card, (the price can be displayed on one side of the slate only).. But credit cards will be dead as disco, so just wave whatever device you use for telecommunication once the slate is expecting it, enter your password, and you're done.

        But fancy restaurants will have something better. Two dim lamps on each side of the table. Press a button and one of them blows a thin plane of smockey nitrogen towards the other lamp, which sucks it in. So you got something of a flowing translucid pingpong net between your two lovers. Projector hits it with displays of the menu's content. The lamps detect your hand motion near the net. Put your finger through the smoke and drage sideways to scroll. When you want something, grab it. Also, the device can tell the waiter whom ordered which, and the grabbed food goes to the grabber.
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          . . 100+

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          Nov 21 2011: Sounds good :-)
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        Nov 22 2011: @Juliette

        There'd be discos, but they'd have a different name by then. In fact, this should've happened a long time ago.
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          Nov 22 2011: Hahaha, I find it very amusing that you can have such creativity about something like a menu card. But as I think about it, these ideas are extremely possible (in expensive resturants) and I would definatly enjoy the helmet idea. Perhaps we will eat pills that will give us nutrional value but we will need those helmets to experience taste.

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