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What benefits can students of university get from doing part-time jobs?

Now more and more students are going to do part-time jobs . For students,what are the advantages and the disadvantages of doing part-time jobs?

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    Nov 18 2011: Pro's:
    - you obviously earn money when jobbing.
    - you get to know new people
    - you possibly get connected to people who could help you in future businesses
    - you help others solving problems (depending on your part-time job)
    - you earn money, experiance

    - you loose time to study

    A big question would more likely, working while studying or not? What's the decision making process, what are chances and weaknesses, but also strengths?
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      Nov 18 2011: Good list, Dennis. I would add to the pros that the student learns excellent time management skills and gets a real sense of the way the world works and how to cooperate in a work environment.

      Cons- part time work can take the place of volunteer internships which often lead to actual employment later because they are considered 'relevant' experience.
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      Nov 18 2011: Well done!Thank you!
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    Nov 19 2011: Depends greatly on the kind of job and the environment you're in. Doesn't help if the environment you work in is toxic where you're not respected, even as a part-timer :)

    The perks of networking and money and stuff are great, but ultimately it's how you grow as a person. Dennis and Debra listed great benefits. Hard to top those. But one I suppose I can elaborate on is cooperation, or that you learn some tact and diplomacy in working with others. Hopefully your journey through work-study opportunities or part-time jobs allows you to learn how to gracefully work with different people, like your teammates, customers, and people who are in higher positions of power and authority.

    I can't think of any big disadvantages at the moment. I guess the only con is neglecting to reflect on your learning experiences and translate it into wisdom of some sort.
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      Nov 19 2011: I didn't have a part-time job.So I must to get a part-time job if there is a chance.Maybe I will gain wisdom of some sort.Thanks!
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    Nov 19 2011: Dennis and Debra have wonderfully covered all grounds on answering this question. The only thing I can add is that work-study is one of the most beneficial educational strategies that has ever been implemented. Formal education nowadays is believed to be critical to proper job placement. BY graduation, combined program graduates are well integrated in the jobs related to their studies while those who graduate from purely academic education have to look long and hard for jobs. And often end up in jobs unrelated to their passion for mere survival. At least that is the case in my town.
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      Nov 19 2011: Work-study is a good way!Very good!