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What benefits can students of university get from doing part-time jobs?

Now more and more students are going to do part-time jobs . For students,what are the advantages and the disadvantages of doing part-time jobs?


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    Nov 18 2011: Pro's:
    - you obviously earn money when jobbing.
    - you get to know new people
    - you possibly get connected to people who could help you in future businesses
    - you help others solving problems (depending on your part-time job)
    - you earn money, experiance

    - you loose time to study

    A big question would more likely, working while studying or not? What's the decision making process, what are chances and weaknesses, but also strengths?
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      Nov 18 2011: Good list, Dennis. I would add to the pros that the student learns excellent time management skills and gets a real sense of the way the world works and how to cooperate in a work environment.

      Cons- part time work can take the place of volunteer internships which often lead to actual employment later because they are considered 'relevant' experience.
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      Nov 18 2011: Well done!Thank you!

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