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How can a common man participate in "revolutionizing" education?

Having spoken in TED in 2006 about how schools kill creativity, Sir Ken Robinson returned in 2010 to urge everyone to revolutionize education. He said about how we take a "fast-food" approach to deliver educated products out of the system. However, in order to really use the enormous depths of human talent, we will need to take an "organic" approach to education. We need revolution and not evolution.

So, How do we actually achieve revolution? Are there any concrete examples of schools/ colleges which do not follow the "fast-food" approach? Are there ways in which a common man can participate in "revolutionizing" education?
I am sure this is a question which commonly haunts everyone among us. But, what we lack is a coordinated set of actions to make a change. How do we do it?


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    Nov 27 2011: Get involved with students locally. Create opportunities for students.

    There is an architect in my area that has gotten involved with our school club SAVE (Students Against Violating the Earth) and created opportunities for students to really get excited about impacting the world. They've built a passive cooling system out of cheap and accessible materials for third world countries. Previous students involved with the project have helped design and install the same system at a local bank and this year's have the opportunity to help build another system for a local fire station.

    Basically, get involved. That is organic education.

    Share lectures from iTunes U:
    - MIT: http://web.mit.edu/itunesu/
    - Stanford: http://itunes.stanford.edu/
    - Berkeley: http://itunes.berkeley.edu/

    Form local meetups with other "common" men and women to discuss what can be changed in your school district for your children and the children in your area. Attend your local board meetings.

    Then share everything you've done and inspire people to do the same.

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