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Make a poll: "What is the most important thing in your life?" and visualize the results with a chart (map/bar/scatter plot chart)

Make a poll with simplest means possible, asking only one question:
"What is the most important thing in your life?"
and plot the results in a giant chart either on google maps or a
ever changing timeline.

  • Mar 3 2011: You probably should specify that you want only a word or two as your answer, not an essay.

    You may like to have some standard replies, then an "other" option where they can specify anything if it wasn't in the list. For example you might have a short list such as:

    1) Friends / relationships / family
    2) Good health
    3) Work / Job security
    4) Material possessions
    5) Religion / religious freedom
    6) Work-life balance
    7) Time for yourself
    8) Education
    9) The environment
    10) Peace
    11) Democracy / Freedom of speech
    12) Other: _______
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    Feb 28 2011: Well shouldn't the goal be that some day everybody
    has access to a global network?

    And, my point is simply: I would LOVE to
    show some stats on what people share in
    values rather than how much we differ in
    religious and political views

    Thanks for the feedback
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      Mar 2 2011: Sure, it's a very noble wish. Imagine we can plot this type of things... and present them in a few simple graphs...

      A big problem I see, though, is this: how will you "translate" values across cultures? It will be very difficult, and you'll have to employ a huge army of anthropologists.

      You can't just go out and ask: "what do you value?" That question in itself is highly culture-specific.
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    Feb 28 2011: Not a good idea, because around 4.5 billion people on the planet don't have an internet connection.


    The poll would hardly be "global" or representative of the world's population.
    • Mar 1 2011: well, I beg to differ. It's a matter of perspective, after all: what are we looking at: a half empty glass or a half full? Just consider all this people who do have internet access...I think we should ask ourselves how to put together the poll: should it be an open question, respectively, should it have predefined answers etc. ?