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Why evolution could never solve aging?

Maybe aging is an essential mechanism to clear out the old and make way for the new like cells within a body?

Maybe every form of life is already close to the upper limit of life expectancy?

Maybe aging is in the nature of carbon based life and metabolism?

Maybe we genetically sacrifice our longevity to survive the stresses of competition.

Emerging Questions:
Is it that our metabolic processes are over-compensated for dominance in their sexual prime which prove detrimental for longevity?

Is it that genes leading to different lifespans are mixed indefinitely in nature that it was never possible to select for it?

Isn't an organism with a longer span of mating at an advantage?

My hypothesis:
In the absence of change in ones environment, or competitive stresses an organism would eventually adapt itself to survive longer.

If every organism is a product of evolution then there must of course be underlying mechanisms within itself to aid such an adaptive process.

Under the influence of adaptive pressure, it would encourage mutation or variations in order create successful variations and also increase the number of life-cycles and so reducing the lifespan.

Under the influence of competitive stress, the dominance would lead to reproductive success and not the span of mating during ones lifespan.

In the absence of change in ones environment leading to adaptive pressure, or competitive stresses from rivals to prove dominance. Species would evolve longer lifespans.

Just a Theory though! But it would predict that

Lifespans of living fossils which have undergone little change in time should be greater than their relatives which have recently evolved.

Life having evolved on geographically isolated places far from intense competitive pressures should have greater lifespans.

Living things higher up in the food-chain or with few natural enemies should have greater lifespans.

Life span in pair bonding species should be higher than tournament species.

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  • Dec 5 2011: Denomyar01,To be honest, I must say that, Yes it did feel good to bring tony in line. I was simply reminding him of the fact that this is not a theological argument but rather a SCIENTIFIC discussion.

    And about the lines that we draw for the categorization of various things like your example of life, there is a line, just that it isn't a distinct line but a fuzzy line. In the words of Jane Goodall, "it's a very wuzzy line, and its getting wuzzier all the time". Ofcourse she was talking about the divide between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. Yes classification is difficult and we have things that fall on either side and some that dont find a side to fall on, a typical example being the one stated by Tony in his first post, the Virus, it becomes inanimate when in harsh conditions and animate again when favourable conditions prevail.

    To address the last issue you brought up, The religious being courageous enough...hmm.. hiding from simple facts of life and death and crediting an imaginary being for everything good that happens, then depending on the said being to give you presents if you're good... sounds very courageous indeed. I was religious, untill I started THINKING for MYSELF. never turned back ever since, because I get real answers from science and not answers like "That's just how it is" or "god did it".

    Please look into the actual working of the Big Bang theory and quantum physics before you assert that real SCIENTIFIC theories are just made up by a bunch of people as fictional writing. I would suggest a reading of Hawking's 'A brief history of time'. Brilliantly written for the lay man to understand. You could watch his documentaries too if required (which I honestly feel might be required), and if you're even going to venture say that he's not qualified enough to talk on the topic, Im sorry my friend, I have nothing else to say to you.
    Have a good day.

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