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Is there a realistic model upon which we can build our world, both societally and personally?

It seems every model for practical living, both societal and personal, ends up defeating itself. In the political sphere, communism and capitalism often end up frustrating their own purposes. Similarly, personal ideals for living too often lead to that which they sought to avoid in the first place, or else to ignorance and nearsighted decisions. Is there any model that we can use to encounter our world, as society and as individuals, that can support itself when implemented practically? Or is this a doomed venture? If not, what would this model look like?


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    Feb 28 2011: yes there is but no one wants to learn about it.
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      Feb 28 2011: well whatever the answer is, I'm sure it doesn't use power and money as the prime motivator in life.
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        Mar 1 2011: you're absolutely right, Ibthaj Khilji!

        In order to have a civil society you need moral people. in order to have a perfect society you need perfect people - people who are not motivated by external motivators such as money or power but internal motivations to do good and be helpful to all other citizens in society.

        there is a set procedure to creating the perfect society - it can be engineered. but it takes time, lots of time, and it takes more than people are willing to do.

        the reason all the other "models for practical living" have failed is because they've been short cuts. and that will never do to create a utopia society.
        • Mar 4 2011: of course there is a way it might not happen but there is a way. So you might want to rephrase your question.

          Oh and the answer to the question you were trying to ask can be answered with a great increase in privitization (that means not owned by the goverment).

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