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Did you have a teacher that inspired you, opened doors in front of you and put a fingerprint on your life the way it is now?

There are some of us lucky enough to have had a teacher that stepped in the classroom telling a poem for hello. Giving away hints, opening roads to explore, replacing the thousand words with a scheme, making his house a non-stop walk-in walk-out of students that took away a piece of math problem, a poem, a piece of politics lost in the discussion, something for the mind to chew on without being aware. I honour his memory and speak with friends from those times about him bringing us together, a riverbank for the small rivers to flow.


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  • Dec 5 2011: Whenever I look back on my school days, there is only one teacher who I can say inspires me the most and made me realize the numerous aspects in my life that I have to be prepared of. Dindin Villarino as she was fondly called by her colleagues. I met her in college and I the first thing I noticed in her was her much fairer skin. Such a very childish way to describe a university instructor but I was pretty shallow at that time. Because of my immaturity, I was quite unprepared of what college is. I tended to be relaxed and less focused on my studies and each day was a drag.
    I have heard rumors of her intelligence and her teaching style in the university yet it didn’t budge me to be serious. As days went by, she reproofed us of our lack of interest. As a punishment, she assigned us chapters to read. I sincerely love my subject with her, but reading many chapters each night just to catch up with her was a pain and this went on for the whole year. Her name is etched in my memory and the thick books I had to read.
    Years have passed, I graduated and I have my own career. I thought working would free me from the tedious task of reading but I was proven wrong. I have to continue reading to learn something new and equip myself with new knowledge. As I began to read a lot, I remember my beloved instructor and what she did to me and my classmates as well. Through her reprove, I was forced to READ and LEARN countless things. Reading is a simple task but it helps me in so many ways in my life. It helped me pass my licensure exam. It helps fill me boring days. It enables me to impart knowledge to others, by that, I am listened by others with admiration.
    She, in some ways, shaped me through her deeds and “ mocking” words. Remembering her, I am grateful for her tongue lashing because without it I would not appreciate what I have become, a reader not only who teaches knowledge but wisdom as well.

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