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Did you have a teacher that inspired you, opened doors in front of you and put a fingerprint on your life the way it is now?

There are some of us lucky enough to have had a teacher that stepped in the classroom telling a poem for hello. Giving away hints, opening roads to explore, replacing the thousand words with a scheme, making his house a non-stop walk-in walk-out of students that took away a piece of math problem, a poem, a piece of politics lost in the discussion, something for the mind to chew on without being aware. I honour his memory and speak with friends from those times about him bringing us together, a riverbank for the small rivers to flow.


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    Nov 27 2011: My sports teacher in high...played a vital role in making me wat I m .........

    in sports as I used to get nervous soon.....I always used to take part in running in school days bt always failed to get first position..most of the time I was second or third in the competion.
    One day my sports teacher came to me and asked why dont come first and I said " Perhaps the person who came first runs faster than me". But he shouted at me and said " No, that person is not faster than bt ur nervousness makes u slow."
    Next day during the practice he asked us to come individually on the track and complete 100 m as fast as possible ..Meanwhile he noted our time of completion with stopwatch bt he didn't disclose our timings to us. After some times rest he called me and said " wolud u like to know who has taken the least time to complete 100m ".I replied " oh yes sir." at which he smiled and said " thats u.. and u r faster than others bt when u r in competition u get nervous and bcoz of this nervousness u fail to come first "
    I understood what my Sir wanetd to explain...in the next race i just focussed on the race without getting nervous abt the results ...and this time DARA SINGH came first.
    So then I realise that its 'our mind ,our thought,our will ' that are to be controlled and to be moulded in right direction to achieve something

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