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Did you have a teacher that inspired you, opened doors in front of you and put a fingerprint on your life the way it is now?

There are some of us lucky enough to have had a teacher that stepped in the classroom telling a poem for hello. Giving away hints, opening roads to explore, replacing the thousand words with a scheme, making his house a non-stop walk-in walk-out of students that took away a piece of math problem, a poem, a piece of politics lost in the discussion, something for the mind to chew on without being aware. I honour his memory and speak with friends from those times about him bringing us together, a riverbank for the small rivers to flow.


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    Nov 19 2011: Two for me, one who got me to think of how vast our universe is and opened my creative mind. The other who taught me how hard work can pay off for good in the long term. Im afraid that I found many of the teachers in my secondary school hostile, and disinterested in inspiring their pupils

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