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Parents...are you teaching life lessons?

Parents...are you teaching life lessons?
The Dakota Lesson of the day...
Are you a parent or a guardian? Maybe you are a teacher or a babysitter. But, are you teaching your kids life lessons. Let's talk about respect. Are you teaching your kids how to say "please" and "thank you"? Do your kids know that it is not nice or respectful to interrupt someone when they are speaking? Do your children know that it is not right to tell an adult that they are wrong and constantly challenge them with manipulation and games? Do your children know it is important to open doors for people and allow them to go first? Do your kids know how to say "excuse me" when they accidentally walk in front of someone or want to pass someone? Do they respect the elderly? Do your children know how to respect the personal space of others and not get in their face? Do your children know how to quietly wait their turn and raise their hand to be called on? Do your kids listen to adults? Do your kids understand that calling an adult "Mr" or "Mrs", and not just by their first name only, is a form of respect?
These are just a few questions to ask yourself, when thinking about respect and what your kids know or do not know. It isn't easy, but it is simple to start teaching. Are you teaching your children life lessons? Something to think about...


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  • Nov 18 2011: I have a teenage son who has fantastic manners and respect for people in his life. I agree there are a huge number of children and young people who do not have these qualities. Although the questions you raise are valid they are a little glib! I also believe that parents who need to question themselves and their parenting are not going to see this thread Just a hunch! I have always tried to teach manners and I think I have done a very good job.On the flip side of that I have taught confidence and let my son know he has rights as a person. He can stand up and speak for himself which makes me proud everyday. An adult should not just be respected just because they are an adult Respect has to be earned on both sides. The elderly have sometimes shown real arrogance towards my son probably as he is a skateboarder although he goes to specific parks for this purpose! I think bringing up children to be polite and respectful is totally right. But some idea's are a product of the past like Children should be seen and not heard I think there is an element of envy over the youth of today just because older people were not allowed to express their opinions does not mean the young should not.
    Thanks for letting me vent a subject that is close to my heart.

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