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What is wrong with the scientific method.

.this scientific method that we have developed to understand the known universe, reaches the limits of its effectiveness where it as a process, at best measures reality as our senses and current use of our mental faculties are able to process physical existence.

Make no mistake. the sciences of the mind are in their infancy and ,coincidentally, unaided, our senses (and by extension most tools we use in producing empirical data about our environment) are feeble when compared to those levels of acuity enjoyed by the vast majority of species on earth.

In short our perception of reality is not the true face of reality.

It seems as though we are once again at an impasse similar to when those learned ones were sure that the earth was flat and that we are at the center of the universe.


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    Mar 4 2011: Agree!

    It seems like we have fallen into a set way of looking at things.. and if it doesn't fit into that way... well then it just can't be possible... At the end of the day, all great discoveries come from the same place... and go down a similar path... starting as a dream.. thought, a hunch, but always as a belief that the something incredible is possible.

    I think we need to get back to the state of mind that all things are possible.... see chaoticwatersinc.com where all things are possible... :)

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