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Do Mathematics really help us to think and open our minds?

Well, i put that TED talk because was the only one that i found kinda related to this topic.
So a year ago I was in secondary school where teach about many subjects but very little mathematical content. I saw this as a problem, since my intention after leaving school was to pursue a engineering carrier, which obviously has a lot of math. So i studied and practiced hard to pass the entrance examination. After weeks of study, i noticed that was starting to think like in a more clear and analytical way.
I'm sure that most advanced mathematics might can help us when time to think.
Maybe was a growth phenomenon? or caused by mathematics?


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  • Nov 22 2011: The problem with mathematics is the way it is taught. Just because there is a linear way of answering a question doesn't mean there has to be a linear question. For example: If sally has five apples and you eat two how many are left. This is a dumb down version of a dumb question. By making it more creative allows people options and relevance. Same question changed to be relevant: There are five questions on this test and you are on question 3 how many questions are left? This is relevant to the task at hand. it allows them to see the problem and then actually make it a reality, which is creative in it's own right. let make this even harder and relevant.

    If a ball is rolling a long a table at 50 inches per second how long would it take to get to the end of a 50 foot table . . .

    That was boring just writing it.

    The change: You are late for work and driving 50 miles per hour to get to work which is 50 miles away. how much gas does it take to get there if you car uses 10 miles per gallon? What speed would you have to go to get there 10 minutes earlier?

    By changing the equation allows people to put themselves into the problem. by making it relevant makes it creative and then the answer can be answered in a creative way even though there is a clear logical way of answering it you still feel like you are in control of how to get to the answer, which is the goal of creativity.

    Math can help us open our mind if it is applied to a real world personal situation and allows us the opportunity to engage with it.

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