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Do Mathematics really help us to think and open our minds?

Well, i put that TED talk because was the only one that i found kinda related to this topic.
So a year ago I was in secondary school where teach about many subjects but very little mathematical content. I saw this as a problem, since my intention after leaving school was to pursue a engineering carrier, which obviously has a lot of math. So i studied and practiced hard to pass the entrance examination. After weeks of study, i noticed that was starting to think like in a more clear and analytical way.
I'm sure that most advanced mathematics might can help us when time to think.
Maybe was a growth phenomenon? or caused by mathematics?


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  • Nov 21 2011: who cares math is beautiful and fun! does any art expand or mind? can you really prove it? math is about understanding not just solving a problem. sometimes you do math and you aren't looking to solve anything, as you learn to play with an equation you learn all kinds of things even things about your self. math is amazing for many reasons including that there are so many ways to do anything, and it truly is simple.

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