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Do Mathematics really help us to think and open our minds?

Well, i put that TED talk because was the only one that i found kinda related to this topic.
So a year ago I was in secondary school where teach about many subjects but very little mathematical content. I saw this as a problem, since my intention after leaving school was to pursue a engineering carrier, which obviously has a lot of math. So i studied and practiced hard to pass the entrance examination. After weeks of study, i noticed that was starting to think like in a more clear and analytical way.
I'm sure that most advanced mathematics might can help us when time to think.
Maybe was a growth phenomenon? or caused by mathematics?


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  • Nov 21 2011: Great comments, most comments touched the part where we seem to look at Math as a sense of formulaic process. IMHO, the joy of math lies in it's application in daily life. Example: I am big fan of geometry and when I drive I use it the most, like approximating turning radius, braking length etc. It is like math which I learnt while in college and Engineering is in play with a reflex, a recreated formula set to analyze things out of habit in the head.

    That is sort of a kick when you are able to apply the understanding of math in our daily life.

    Maths making us open minded? I am still not sure how a 'clinical sense of being analytical' is related to 'being open minded' about things around. Maybe an extra degree of awareness is available (from proof of Math fundamentals)to take an open minded decision.

    Me & my wife have a small interest in Machine Learning, patterns etc things. While working on these subjects we particularly found the aspect of math being fun with application and less fun on paper. :)

    Please correct me if this idea seems skewed.


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