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Do Mathematics really help us to think and open our minds?

Well, i put that TED talk because was the only one that i found kinda related to this topic.
So a year ago I was in secondary school where teach about many subjects but very little mathematical content. I saw this as a problem, since my intention after leaving school was to pursue a engineering carrier, which obviously has a lot of math. So i studied and practiced hard to pass the entrance examination. After weeks of study, i noticed that was starting to think like in a more clear and analytical way.
I'm sure that most advanced mathematics might can help us when time to think.
Maybe was a growth phenomenon? or caused by mathematics?


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  • Nov 16 2011: A very nice question, Tomas!

    I've been experiencing the same during the past 3 years! I started my maths undergrad 3 years ago.

    In my mind, every thought structure has to have some physical representation inside of my skull.
    Thought structures develop over time and studying like any learning process alters the mind and the
    connections within.

    It is less maths than logic you have to use in order to understand the mathematical formulas.
    Therefore I would say as long you try to understand the maths and the motivations and structural considerations
    for the construction of formulas and proofs, you improve thinking logically.

    However! I realized for myself, after reaching a decent logical level, it is hard for some people to follow some of my considerations. I have to learn now how to formulate my thoughts so that others understand what I tell them.

    Finally: I think it is important to not forget to grow the heart for logic does not help you anything with your personal relationship to fellow humans (and with women in particular).

    Cheers, mate! Good luck for your studies!

    PS: To the ladies: No offense! To me men are as capable of logic as women are ;)

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