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Lets go one step further with recycled clothing...

Something that has become a big hit here in BC, Canada, is "Clothing Exchange" or "Clothing Toss" parties.
Bring all the clothes you're tired of (we also say, "If you haven't worn it in a year--toss it!") and some tasty snacks, to a gathering of women (we sometimes have had a few guys drop in).
Some women set up their own corners, other parties set up the clothing in departments--pants, tops, accessories, etc.
Its not even trading. You just jump in, pick out what you like, try-ons and modelling and many opinions add to the hilarity. And you go home with either new clothes or empty arms, whichever you prefer, plus new friends and a very happy heart! NO BUCKS! NO VISA!
Johanna New Moon

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    Nov 18 2011: My wife is a fine seamstress as well as a constant thrift store shopper. She, and at least 2 of her daughters are able to redesign 2nd hand clothes they've picked up. To truly sustain ourselves, we need to learn how to live with much less than we now have. We also need to cease our constant purchases of this or that newest item. The Story of Stuff tells it all, as does thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com.
  • Nov 18 2011: That is a great idea.
    I do most of my shopping at local care center where the clothing is second hand but in great shape, for pennies on the dollar also. In fact, most of the folks in town shop there.
    Some folks (who know how to sew) really take it a step further by cutting up some of the clothes & making new designs with them. The care center also offers a bag of clothes (your choice) for a buck once a month-no matter the size of the bag.
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    Nov 17 2011: What a fun idea! I shall spread the word.

    I shop at ARC. Buying used clothing, books, etc., for pennies on the dollar, donating cothing, books, etc., back for the cause of adults with developmental disabilities. Round and round.

    Let those with extra money buy high fashion. I love to see the styles on the street. For myself, coming up with second hand fashion is plenty satisfying especially in light of its cause.