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What is a fiction and what is real?

National identity for instance is a fiction, constantly being constructed and reconstructed. But what exactly is the definition of a fiction? Is language a fiction? After all words are no more than made up sounds that only account for 7% of communication. The best I have come up with is that realities, such as colors, are impossible to explain, while fictions are not. Can you come up with anything better for the sake of my sleeping hours? Also, why do you think people denny fictions so much, perhaps because they mean all they know about themselves is not real, their identity is a fiction, so is this why people developed this amazing ability not to think? Is existence the same as reality(because fictions do exist)?


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    Mar 6 2011: sory, i didnt mean to say there are levels to how real something is, i completely agree that its either real or not. one more question, if 0. 00000000(infinite 0s)1 doesn't exist, which can be mathematically proven how is it that anything exists? i would think that is a glitch in math, like square roots of negatives

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