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What is a fiction and what is real?

National identity for instance is a fiction, constantly being constructed and reconstructed. But what exactly is the definition of a fiction? Is language a fiction? After all words are no more than made up sounds that only account for 7% of communication. The best I have come up with is that realities, such as colors, are impossible to explain, while fictions are not. Can you come up with anything better for the sake of my sleeping hours? Also, why do you think people denny fictions so much, perhaps because they mean all they know about themselves is not real, their identity is a fiction, so is this why people developed this amazing ability not to think? Is existence the same as reality(because fictions do exist)?


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    Feb 28 2011: The cool thing about colors is their inherently subjective - how do I know that red 4 me is not blue 4 u?

    This is an extremely philosophical & deep question but I think I know what you mean b/c I've spent a great deal of time thinking about the topic & researching it.

    There is a more fundamental reality than color b/c color is really in the same category as words & everything else. For what are the "fictions" you speak of, but mere symbols? Words are symbols, mental models are symbols, even color is nothing but light waves (symbols) interpreted by the brain & experienced as color. That's how I think of it the universe - in terms of dead symbols & live interpreters of those symbols. I believe that's the fundamental structure of the universe.

    You've discovered that each of us are utterly alone - I can speak to you & you can hear me but I can never know for sure that you have the exact same interpretations of my words that I mean you to have. Symbols are in reality dead & carry no truth or light until a living interpreter interprets them. In that sense we do create our own reality.

    Which brings me to my conclusion: The only 'realities of existence' as you would put it are Us. You, Me, Everyone, every living thing, every intelligence, grand as man & better, or infinitesimal as bacteria & smaller. This only makes sense if one accepts that all intelligence is eternally existent.

    This interpretation of reality has many interesting implications: 1 is the definition of love. To love someone while you can never experience their reality directly requires a great deal of faith. Love is therefore the choice to believe someone is a live interpreter & not a dead symbol - u can never know for sure as symbols can be made to mimic life. It is the choice to believe in them & desire their happiness. Hate therefore is the choice to believe they are real as u are, able to experience joy & sorrow, pleasure & pain, but desire for them pain.

    Only & who u choose r real in ur reality.
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      Feb 28 2011: thank you :)
      would you say feelings are realities? regardless of the fact that we might experience them differently and that your brain interprets them like any other information, is pain or happiness real? if not how exactly did we go from non-living to non-thinking to everything being a fiction?
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        Mar 1 2011: Feelings must be real - they're innate to your being. Yes they are experienced by the brain as chemicals making some neurons fire and not others but that's just their expression - their manifestation in this physical universe.

        Were there no physical matter you would still exists because as we discussed earlier all intelligence is eternal in nature or else this whole world view doesn't make any sense. So yes, it can be very complicated; this interaction of eternal essence and physical machinery of the body, but when it comes down to it we must conclude that feelings are essentially a part of your essence inseparably connected therefore feelings are as real as you are. They're as real as any of your actions are.

        I really love this conversation we're having, I'm actually holding back a lot of information I've pickup in my studies because I don't want to just lecture or sound crazy. But you are excellent at connecting the dots! I actually didn't know there was anyone else in the world who thought about this kind of stuff.

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