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The true problem with education is ___________?

I don’t want to further complicate the topic of education (as it seems to be more complex than it should be.) My goal is to get a general idea of your personal views on what the TRUE problem is in terms of education. We will go more specific later, but for now please just post your general thoughts on the above question.

Complete this statement: The true problem with education is___________.


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  • Nov 16 2011: ...Parents.

    The teachers job is at school teaching the children how to read and right and so forth. The teacher has a limited reach to the children in the sense of education. That is all a teacher is there for.
    Friends are there to simply get a student through school and what not.

    So that would leave us with the parents. What are they doing?
    Child wakes up, goes to school, learns math, comes home and the parents don't bother checking up on their beloved child. Then the child goes plays basketball, some videogames, and remembers that he has a project due and works on it for a couple minutes slapping some weirdness together and falls asleep to spongebob.
    Umm.... is there something wrong with this picture?
    Where are the parents in all this? If you guessed nowhere your right!
    Parents are not checking up on their children like they should be. Parents are not helping their children with homework, or asking how did school go, what did you learn today in school, how can you apply that to daily life and so on. If the parent never shows them how to apply school work or never reminds them of it...well that is bad.

    Parents are the motivators. Not the motive but the motivators.

    Now don't get me wrong, sure our education system has problems. But that is not where it starts. It starts at home.
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      Nov 19 2011: How can they apply it to daily life? WHat will make the learning in school more relevant to home activity?
      • Nov 19 2011: Well that is a tough question but equally as good.

        A student learns a certain idea or concept or thing and the parents learn about it. Then the parent should ask your very question Jeronique to the child. How can we apply what you learned today to your life?
        Now obviously not everything can be applied to life. But what can be should.
        The basic idea is to interact with your child specifically about what they learned on a daily basis. Otherwise what's the point of learning if you can't use what you learned? Who better to use it with than your parents?
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          Nov 19 2011: You bring up another important question Timothy 'what's the point of learning if you can't use what you learned?' That being said, may I mark your answer as "The problem with education is the inability to find ways to apply what you're learning in school with the things that go on outside of school.'?
      • Nov 19 2011: Excellent! That makes sense.
        That whole statement wraps up what I said about the parents and goes even further.
      • Nov 20 2011: This is what we are doing in Denver. It is called the Ability Center www.thecollaboratory.com

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