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The true problem with education is ___________?

I don’t want to further complicate the topic of education (as it seems to be more complex than it should be.) My goal is to get a general idea of your personal views on what the TRUE problem is in terms of education. We will go more specific later, but for now please just post your general thoughts on the above question.

Complete this statement: The true problem with education is___________.


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    Nov 16 2011: Educators are catalysts not starting points. Lets not call it education lets call it the discipline of learning because that seems more appropriate. Looked at from this lens I think more responsibility lies on the environment around the child and less on the educator. Educators have a lot to answer for it's true, but we're never going to be able to measure their contribution to a child's life in real time. We can (at least in theory) concieve a way to measure a child's progress in mastering the discipline of learning although it has eluded us in practice.
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      Nov 16 2011: I like your point although I do not know what context you refer to with the word catalyst.
      I have a child of 7 months I don’t expect the educator to take sole responsibility for my childs education as like you say the responsibility lies in the environment that he lives. Although I am certain that in time my son will develop his own likes/dislikes but in the meantime I have taken him to the London Science museum, art galleries and music venues as these are my wifes and I likes. Yes like any good parent I want happiness and success in life for my son, and there are lots of subjects I and my wife cannot teach him as we are not experienced enough that is where schooling comes in. however let me give you an example of how I can teach my child, I have heard many parents say how ‘black history should be taught in schools. The reason some will say this is because they believe it may raise self esteem and boost exam results. Now in my opinion I would not want a school teaching my son any ‘black history’ why? Because I am confident that most schools would not do a better job than my family or I in teaching him many facets of history.

      im more interested in him being taught the national curriculum rigorously so that he can stand a chance in our globalised worlrd.
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      Nov 19 2011: I believe both yourself and Dania Mah (above) are in agreement. Am I correct?
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        Nov 19 2011: Broadly agree Jeronique yes, essentially the point I was making is that I don't expect the school to cover 100% of my childs education. In other matters I had a coversation with an educator at one of our leading public (US private) schools today. He told me that being able to play or converse about rugby and knowing classic English literature such as 'Just William' were seen as positives

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