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This kid is amazing but rare. Why are we having such a hard time fostering this kind of creativity in kids when the tech is there?

There are all kinds of opportunities for kids--and adults--to transition from just consumers to consumers and producers, yet it happens so infrequently. What kinds of methods do you think we could use to foster this kind of curiosity and motivation to create a society of producers starting at a young age?


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  • Nov 17 2011: We need to enable kids the ability to get into this kind of stuff. We send kids to sports and after school activities to keep them active. But things like app development, defiantly this day of age, is going to a big thing in the future. So if we get them started in future proofed stuff today instead of waiting till they are in college to get into this kind of thing they will be a lot better off in their future if they decide to continue with the app development. That give this kid at least a 6 year head start of his peers.
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      Nov 17 2011: That's a good point that he's so far ahead of his peers.

      I wonder: what are the good and bad aspects of being so far ahead?

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