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Are creativity and leadership overrated?

Isn't the ability to follow instructions equally important as being creative? The world is dependent on millions who do things over and over again: accountants, repairmen, farmers, and so on. The wages of innovation can often be dismissal or disaster -- whereas the rewards of doing one's job are significant. So too with 'leadership': leaders must always be a tiny minority, because without followers, they are nothing...... Or am I missing something?


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    Nov 27 2011: creativity is the ability to find new connections between ideas. Once computers can do that, we wont have to waste time thinking, but for the time being its the opposite. We have machines that can do repeditive tasks thousands of times better than humans, and continuing with the speiceis constant drive to efficiency, eventualy all the repeditive jobs will be done by robots. All we have to offer is creativity. then again, dont take this too seriously, i could be completly wrong, who can say what is better for the human race, one of creators, or of followers, we are the most effective bacteria in the known universe, and that must be because of the gift (or curse) of creativity. sorry about the length of the rant this is my first post
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      Nov 27 2011: I would only supplement that... with, as robots take those jobs, a larger niche market will emerge for things like creatively handmade furniture, clothing, etc. So as the corporate versons of those jobs die, we'll have to continue to respect that work, so that we get some cool beautiful stuff in our house. We'll have to be willing to pay extra for that stuff, more often than we do now. Creative labor, can be immensely beautiful, and fulfilling.

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