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Nuclear Energy is threat to life. Nuclear clean energy is a spin doctored myth that ignores the huge footprint of nuclear waste clean up

The debate about whether nuclear energy as a power is a commercially viable and clean energy source is ongoing.

Advocates of the nuclear position argue that if you read the 'facts' nuclear energy is even 'green' energy with zero or low carbon footprint.

I contend the position to say nuclear power has a zero footprint when this most lethal, toxic waste is virtually indestructible for millions of years. In scientific engineering, the risk cycle of nuclear power reactors cannot be fully validated as safe until waste can be permanently removed, stored, degraded.

Should governments have a policy to create more nuclear power plants before there is clean up and before 4th generation and further advanced technology can be adequately trialled and tested? Should replacement of old be the necessary policy before any new can be built?

The facts are that although nuclear power makes up 16% of the worlds energy supply - a significantly high incident and failure rate has been experienced since early inception. Every year there is at least one accident.

With the above fact in mind I wish to address the issues of waste solutions. How can we eliminate the critical risk of devastation to human?

What about solutions to degrade or transform it?

How might we remove it? (and permanently remove the risk)


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    Nov 23 2011: I find it quite amazing that people can project that I make only 'opinions' and not facts - and they make facts and not opinions. What are their comments if not opinions! Particularly coming from people who just attack the person. You fail to provide any kind of factual contradiction to the statement that there is currently no way of cleaning up nuclear energy waste.

    Why? Go to any nuclear physicists forum and ask them if there is currently of cleaning up nuclear waste. You will get what you call facts - which are really the opinions and findings of scientists and physicists. You are simply behaving with an angry little chip on your shoulder against a woman. A woman obviously doesn't and wouldn't know anything would she? But you would - you would know all the facts - so many you don't list any. Because the facts - ie. the scientific evidence - supports my statement - No one has published any kind of method or way of cleaning up nuclear waste. If you think you know the answer - then give it to me -we can start discussing it at a deeper level in physics.

    Instead of making little kid statements like 'you are a liar - lliar liar your pants are on fire'. Grow up. If you know so many facts then lets have a real discussion about nuclear physics - lets brainstorm some solutions. I'd really like that and its positive more productive.

    You know nothing of my scientific knowledge, education or research sources. You just know your own opinions and you want to put down anyone that doesn't agree by saying they don't know what they are talking about. So lets talk physics theory.

    What kind of conduction equation might be considered?

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