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Nuclear Energy is threat to life. Nuclear clean energy is a spin doctored myth that ignores the huge footprint of nuclear waste clean up

The debate about whether nuclear energy as a power is a commercially viable and clean energy source is ongoing.

Advocates of the nuclear position argue that if you read the 'facts' nuclear energy is even 'green' energy with zero or low carbon footprint.

I contend the position to say nuclear power has a zero footprint when this most lethal, toxic waste is virtually indestructible for millions of years. In scientific engineering, the risk cycle of nuclear power reactors cannot be fully validated as safe until waste can be permanently removed, stored, degraded.

Should governments have a policy to create more nuclear power plants before there is clean up and before 4th generation and further advanced technology can be adequately trialled and tested? Should replacement of old be the necessary policy before any new can be built?

The facts are that although nuclear power makes up 16% of the worlds energy supply - a significantly high incident and failure rate has been experienced since early inception. Every year there is at least one accident.

With the above fact in mind I wish to address the issues of waste solutions. How can we eliminate the critical risk of devastation to human?

What about solutions to degrade or transform it?

How might we remove it? (and permanently remove the risk)


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  • Nov 21 2011: Let's make it illegal for trees to be within falling distance from any house, road, any place where a person might be... That has to be a good idea because it is bound to save lives, right? While we are at it, let's outlaw all all forms of transportation other than walking---a much better idea than getting rid of Nuclear Energy due to it being undeniable that cars have an increased degree of fatality. Let's not use cell phones, x-rays, or shampoo because they might cause cancer. Let's make any animal that has a chance of killing a human extinct...Why do we need lions, tigers, and bears?---It would certainly save lives, right?

    Does keeping all of these imminent threats to humankind prove a low IQ? How can anyone feel safe when an airplane could fall out of the sky onto them at any second? How could anyone feel psychologically safe on these issues?
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      Nov 22 2011: In fire prone areas - it is environmental policy and 'law' to manage trees - just as it is to manage trees in city streetscapes and parks. Not always the ideal situation - when a tree becomes a hazard to the public - and in many circumstances tree doctors try to save the tree and relocate.

      I think your internal anger is being expressed in a way that does not serve the real issue. Its not a paranoid fear that requires living in an oxygen tent and not experiencing life.

      Using common sense when approaching 'the family' or living in sustainable harmony does not even require a high IQ = which is really a measure of intellectual capability and many people who are classified as 'not intelligent - who didn't do well at school or get good grades - had emotional reasons or other limits - i.e. they think and access information and use it outside the typical measure that society accords IQ. IQ tests are only one paradigm. Take the man with no brain whatsoever who is a brilliant pianist.

      There are many things that society does that are not good for the health of humans. You list them. Some humans choose to mitigate risk around these factors.

      Bottom line it is the arrogant ignorance of human condition that assumes 'he' has a greater right to existence on this planet than all other species that has caused him to destroy what truly feeds him.

      My suggestion is you breathe into the fear and angst that creates such non rational response and feel what it really means to you to feel threatened that you need to state such dramatic arguments that are not related to the issue.
      • Nov 22 2011: You are not very good at detecting sarcasm. My point is that you are as irrational as all of the idiotic examples I listed.

        Do you think I walk around in fear of an airplane landing on my head?

        You talk about "Spin" being used to sell Nuclear Power as Green Energy, but your arguments are nothing but spin. You use fear tactics and ignorance over stating your points with facts and alternatives to Nuclear energy. You start a debate over false pretenses (or at least state your opinions as facts) and accuse anyone who disagrees with your opinions of having a low IQ.

        I happen to disagree with your opinions...
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          Nov 22 2011: I suggest you re-read this statement you have made - first removing yourself from the emotion you attached to it when you attacked me.

          I neither 'mind' whether you agree or disagree with my statements - that is the choice of free will which I respect greatly. Yet I find that people do not get their truth across realistically when they make dramatic statements as you have done. First you incorrectly state that I accuse anyone who disagrees with me of having a low IQ. In fact I state the opposite. But you on the other hand attack me as irrational and idiotic - so you become what you project onto another person.

          That is why I tell you to breathe - because metaphysical experience tells me that when people project anger and nastiness at others - it is because they feel threatened and self loathsome. It is me you are attacking - not addressing the issue. This shows up to many as immature - even if you are not and have something valid to say. I'm happy if you state valid reasons for nuclear energy to be perfect and safe for everyone. Its the best news I could have! I'm waiting for that breakthrough - that clean-up. Unfortunately spirit tells me you are more seeking to attack the person you do not know because you are so angry inside.

          I was once on my way to Bangkok airport to fly to South Thailand. On the way I breathed into something that had been brewing in my consciousness - and decided instead to fly to the north of Thailand. While there I read the newspaper report and was sad that the plane I would have been on had crashed - killing most. I had a similar experience when leaving Sumatra. I was going to fly. Instead that morning I rang the Senator and the Govenor and advised I was going by boat to Penang for other reasons. Really it was just intuition. In Penang again I read the news headlines - the plane had 'fallen out of the sky' (just as you say) and sadly, all were killed including the Governor.

          Never take plane flights lightly

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