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How to use new technologies to save the traditional oral heritage

Earth is a global village now,sharing knowledge and experiences, it's the most amazing thing in the world. the new technologies offers to us a chance to improve different fields. The details makes difference that's why we should save the oral heritage;It's a part of the identity of the person.Many fields are involved like education, entertainement ...etc.It's an alternative for the new generation of cartoon and new programms for children and teenagers

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    Nov 17 2011: There are several sides to this. One is using technology to capture what is already recorded in a more preservable and shareable form. Another is adding to that store things which have not already been captured. A third is looking at what technology is enabling us to generate, and preserving that for the future.

    Thinking about this, we are generating a personal heritage which goes well beyond oral and that too is in danger of being lost. I recently heard of an initiative called i-croak (yes, seriously!) whcih is designed to enable people to preserve their online heritage.