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What ideas do you have that can help us at Sharefish break the cycle of poverty in remote villages of Honduras through education?

We started Sharefish (www.sharefish.org) two years ago in two remote villages in Honduras. So far we have 71 children in a conditional cash transfer sponsorship program who are now in school instead of selling food in the streets or gleaning sugar cane in the fields. We have also built two libraries and have found that the people who know how to read are teaching those who want to learn how to read now that they have the resources to do it. I would welcome any ideas you have to help us in our quest to work with these wonderful hard working people to break the cycle of poverty in these and other remote villages.


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  • Dec 11 2011: Are there other organizations in Honduras that have tried to do something similar successfully? I've always wondered if an existing model could be replicated in a similar village. Would you consider joining forces with another organization, leveraging each other's strength in a joint project? From what I saw on your website, you have access to a wider audience than most local organizations in Honduras. If you could find other organizations that are making a difference in reducing poverty through education, then you could help to increase the scale or expand the reach of their projects by working together.

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