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What ideas do you have that can help us at Sharefish break the cycle of poverty in remote villages of Honduras through education?

We started Sharefish (www.sharefish.org) two years ago in two remote villages in Honduras. So far we have 71 children in a conditional cash transfer sponsorship program who are now in school instead of selling food in the streets or gleaning sugar cane in the fields. We have also built two libraries and have found that the people who know how to read are teaching those who want to learn how to read now that they have the resources to do it. I would welcome any ideas you have to help us in our quest to work with these wonderful hard working people to break the cycle of poverty in these and other remote villages.


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  • Nov 17 2011: Oie
    I looked at your website and I think you have some wonderful goals. I have stated this many times in other conversations, but I feel the real key aspect is to seek to improve the quality of life not just the quantity of life for people. I think simply put it means: adequate shelter for the environment; sufficient food; safe drinking water; and access to healthcare. I think from what I see you are doing some of that. Increasing income while noble, does not necessarily mean "a better life."

    Rural villages in Central America actually do function. There should be ways to make their quality of life increase. I do not know enough about these particular villages to speak to specifics, but I would love to hear more about them.
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      Nov 22 2011: I would love to discuss this more with you. Email me at oie@sharefish.org. We have set the trip dates for 2012 and would love to have you join us on one if you are interested.

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