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What ideas do you have that can help us at Sharefish break the cycle of poverty in remote villages of Honduras through education?

We started Sharefish (www.sharefish.org) two years ago in two remote villages in Honduras. So far we have 71 children in a conditional cash transfer sponsorship program who are now in school instead of selling food in the streets or gleaning sugar cane in the fields. We have also built two libraries and have found that the people who know how to read are teaching those who want to learn how to read now that they have the resources to do it. I would welcome any ideas you have to help us in our quest to work with these wonderful hard working people to break the cycle of poverty in these and other remote villages.


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  • Nov 17 2011: There are multiple aspects of the issue you are dealing with. The first one is access to education and knowledge. That can be accomplished with one computer and multiple monitors. Internet access is not required. That might be an excellent first investment for many reasons....one being ideas, another individual films of a child, shown at a church in the USA or Europe would result in donations, farming information, medical self help, etc. With access even if not on site you can then both sell products and solicit business. As for what products to create there are ideas and instructions all over the Internet. Resources are the key....one being natural and the other human for producing a product. In looking at the landscape with Google Earth the country appears to have some set of resources....land for animal husbandry, a climate for growing specialized items perhaps, etc. In a prior life I used to build and run factories in 3rd world low labor market countries. The only difference was I brought the product. In your case you need to invent a product that has either or both local and foreign market possibilities. My ideas on that subject are endless but without knowing what is available in terms of resources I can't comment. Make that information known and I will respond. Suggestions on products, designs, markets, contacts, etc. SEmail me if you can get the people's support . More than happy to help. Tangoblue@netscape.net
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      Nov 22 2011: Thanks for the insight Stephen. This is very helpful. I hope to stay in contact with you as we progress.

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