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What motivates you?

We all know of the chasm between what we should do and what we actually do. How can we motivate ourselves to achieve more?


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  • Nov 18 2011: To be honest, I clicked on this conversation because I have problems being motivated enough for a task I don't enjoy doing. As a college student who realises everyone has been through this, I'm having trouble doing what is expected of me, partly by others and partly by myself - studying for good results.

    From the replies I've read, I need to find a place where I can meditate upon why I should be more active, split the less pleasant activities with relaxation (I've tried that a couple of times and I always end up lengthening the breaks up to the point it's so late I don't have a choice but resume studying/working), be more afraid of the negative results I will get by being lazy and picturing the 'finish line' in a more appealing way.

    The most interesting idea for me, was the idea of Team Spirit brought up by Debra Smith (thank you), which I feel is almost completely neglected in our college, with everyone focusing on individual work, studies and projects. I think that teaming up for a task will make a daunting problem less daunting and will provide the nudge we need some more often than others. Sorry I didn't contribute with an original idea to this conversation, just wanted to give you my subjective insight. I will be thinking of new ways which I'll most surely share here with you.

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