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What motivates you?

We all know of the chasm between what we should do and what we actually do. How can we motivate ourselves to achieve more?


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    Nov 17 2011: It's just my own way. My today is the result of what I planned yesterday, 3 months ago, 10 years ago.
    I do not live on a schedule, not at all, but I plan every IMPORTANT aspect of my future life. I live in the NOW as well, probably more consciously than others and I try to exploit every day of my life because I never know exactly what will happed until ... tomorrow. Shit happens all the time. So far I managed quite good - projecting my own future AND beeing pragmatic worked out well, for me at least.
    On the other hand, we live very interesting times, speed of our lifes is accelerating, the amount of available information is growing exponentially every second - therefore future is not so far away anymore and exploiting information makes things easier to figure out.
    Why it motivates me? Because I am part of my future, I guess the most important.
    I am 45, midlife crisis past already, career and money is not that important anymore. What is important now is how I am going to make people aroung me happy, how to be a good person. (And where will I spend my few hundred week-ends left, how and where will I spend my 30 vacations left - I am not shure that I will be willing, healthy and able to finance them when I will be 75...)
    And most important, my kid entering adolescent life. And observing that a lot of what was important for us is not sustainable or desirable anymore. Therefore, the expectance of things to come and things to happen motivates me big time.
    I realise that I would need much more than a few thousand clicks to explain the very complex issue that future means to me but I hope I made myself clear why my future i s important to me.
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      Nov 17 2011: Interesting insight Robert
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      Nov 18 2011: Thanks Robert for taking the time to give me a detailed reply.

      Its a wonderful insight how you create your own future, but live your life in the NOW.

      Truly enlightening. Thank you.

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