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Does anyone know where/if we can hire a TEDx expert to help us train speakers? Anyone know of a good TEDx mentor? I

We are looking to hire a trainer/mentor to train speakers on delivering inspiring and engaging talks. Any ideas of anyone in the US who might be interested? Thanks in advance for your comments/info.

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    Nov 20 2011: Thank you Thomas!
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    Nov 20 2011: Public speaking is like any other skill; everyone can learn it (and thereby make personal improvements.) And a few people excel at it. It's kind of like playing the saxophone, most of us could learn to do it but few of us will reach John Coltrane's stature.

    There are organizations designed specifically to help with speaking skills and they are (usually) quite good: Toastmasters, Rostrum, Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC), POWERtalk International, and so on. Guy Kawasaki (who was Apple's chief evangelist for a while) took a course offered by Billy Graham Ministries that helped him with his "delivery."

    As Stephen Camm says, "Practice" is key.

    Start your own "club." Watch good speakers. Copy them. Your own style will emerge.


    One thing TED speakers could learn is creative repetition. I have only seen one TED speaker use it well. The time-limit might make people reticent to "waste time" by repeating themselves ... but how much time is wasted if no one remembers the talk?

    Repetition is important. Saying the same thing in different ways makes it memorable, focusses attention on key points, and makes a talk more interesting (not less.) Not bad for repeating a simple phrase a few times.

    Repeat yourself. It works.

    Think Dr Martin Luther King's "I have a dream ..."
  • Nov 19 2011: Public speaking is simple......(forget the public speaking 301 classes universities have you spend bucks for). Here are the rules....

    -Know your subject.
    -Make sure you have a logical thread that ties it all together and leads the listener from beginning to end.
    -Use a little humor.
    -Speak to the level of your audience.
    -Be yourself
    -Don't be yourself if you talk in a monotone.
    -Practice.......and if afraid of public speaking start with 3 friends as the audience.

    Happy to volunteer to critique some number of future
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    Nov 15 2011: Thank you for the suggestion Laszlo!
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    Nov 15 2011: I would recommend you Anwar Dafa-Alla, but I guess you can not hire him, unfortunately.