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Does anyone know where/if we can hire a TEDx expert to help us train speakers? Anyone know of a good TEDx mentor? I

We are looking to hire a trainer/mentor to train speakers on delivering inspiring and engaging talks. Any ideas of anyone in the US who might be interested? Thanks in advance for your comments/info.


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  • Nov 19 2011: Public speaking is simple......(forget the public speaking 301 classes universities have you spend bucks for). Here are the rules....

    -Know your subject.
    -Make sure you have a logical thread that ties it all together and leads the listener from beginning to end.
    -Use a little humor.
    -Speak to the level of your audience.
    -Be yourself
    -Don't be yourself if you talk in a monotone.
    -Practice.......and if afraid of public speaking start with 3 friends as the audience.

    Happy to volunteer to critique some number of future speakers....Tangoblue@netscape.net

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