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What about TED-based clubs in schools? TED-based classes?

TED is an incredible concept. It is intelligent, innovative, and gives rise to some amazing ideas. The central idea of TED - the proposition of an idea worth spreading, and intelligent discussion to improve it - is something that can be applied to every part of our lives, but often the most important part of life is the younger years of primary and secondary education. Why not take the TED ideal and apply it to our schools?

I am a high school student, in the 12th grade, and TED has changed my life. I propose to the TED community this idea: the formation of school clubs (or similar groups) focused around TED that eventually transform into dedicated classes; instead of a traditional class, it would consist of the exhibition of an idea that the students and teacher then discuss.

TEDtalks, TEDconversations, even comment discussions about the talks could generate the initial idea; the class would spend the entire period discussing it, trying to improve upon it, finding ways to let it affect their lives for the better.

That's my idea (indeed, I intend to actually do this at my school), and I'm presenting it to the TED community to ask for ideas, suggestions, and discussion of the implications of this idea.


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  • Feb 28 2011: Well, I think TED is the most creative platform around the world, and its community is powerful, too.

    Like you, I'm high school student, and some students are familiar to watch TEDtalk. Even I found TEDtalk in classroom! But... that's all. No progress are created. I think they don't have an idea for share in groups.

    I currently organize my own TEDx event, unfortunately I'm not focused on my school, but broader area. Maybe you can organize TEDx event in your school, sharing TEDtalks, and their own ideas. That will be a solution you want to discover.

    Have fun with TED :-)

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