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Given captive audience, what aspiration do you instill that would change the world.....you have 2m30s p/day at the start of every school day

Suppose for a moment, that YOU could grab the attention of EVERY formal school student in the world for 2minutes and 30 seconds per day, to convey a message* that would cycle indefinitely.

This would, in essence, give you the POWER TO MOLD THE WORLD by instilling an aspiration in all future-generations to come, fore, your message, would be delivered each day, as a precursor, to commencement of classes.

What would that message be and how would you deliver it? If verbal, what would you write? If audio/video, what would it be (post a link). If spiritual, how would it be manifested? If it was a foto, what would it look like (describe it or post a link).

What would you do, for the good cause of other people, given captive audience, of future generations?!?!

*translations withstanding, for verbal aspects (that’s to say that, the ‘message’ could, at your discretion, be properly translated so as to be consistent with the audience in witch presented).


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