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Given captive audience, what aspiration do you instill that would change the world.....you have 2m30s p/day at the start of every school day

Suppose for a moment, that YOU could grab the attention of EVERY formal school student in the world for 2minutes and 30 seconds per day, to convey a message* that would cycle indefinitely.

This would, in essence, give you the POWER TO MOLD THE WORLD by instilling an aspiration in all future-generations to come, fore, your message, would be delivered each day, as a precursor, to commencement of classes.

What would that message be and how would you deliver it? If verbal, what would you write? If audio/video, what would it be (post a link). If spiritual, how would it be manifested? If it was a foto, what would it look like (describe it or post a link).

What would you do, for the good cause of other people, given captive audience, of future generations?!?!

*translations withstanding, for verbal aspects (that’s to say that, the ‘message’ could, at your discretion, be properly translated so as to be consistent with the audience in witch presented).

  • Nov 19 2011: The purpose of school is to learn to think and be able to use knowledge well as an adult. I repeat the purpose of school is to learn to think? I repeat the purpose of school is to.......
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      Nov 22 2011: Along those lines....they should be teaching people HOW to learn effectively, in my opinion. But, i think if those words were announced each day, kids would tune 'em out because it's the same sentence over and over? lol's. ThxU :)
      • Nov 23 2011: For your general information academia does not know how to teach effectively. If you doubt this simply Google the Internet, "how do children learn". With the exception of studies on primates (and I spent 7 plus hours going through "babel" you will find nothing of substance (and that included university and college libraries. In a nutshell the master / apprentice relationship is the best teaching method (father to son, blacksmith to apprentice). In today's technology world this is not only possible but cost effective. If you wish to see a more detailed description I have responded elsewhere on the subject. In the meantime keep the faith....it's changing. Academia as we know it today will not exist in 20 years....hopefully much sooner. All education will be on the Internet....much is already.
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          Nov 23 2011: Some people don't learn well on that thurr Interwhomawhatnotthing. Especially the newer generations. I DO agree with your general statement as it pertains to usa, most formal educators do NOT know how to educate people. This explains why usa is so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to brain power.
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    Nov 18 2011: hey now !!
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    Nov 17 2011: Here we have, what is, rather interesting topic, indeed !!