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My way of Success is to think different. Before doing anything just ask yourself 3 questions... 1) What i am doing?? 2) Why? 3) necessary?

I found that we don't want to pay attention to ourselves. We neglect our problems. For example in exam times a student waste his time in TV because he wants to run that time fast. But not a single student can answer that Why??? So we must learn to give preferences.

  • Nov 17 2011: 1) I am giving Microsoft Exams
    2) Because it'll help my future and get me some knowledge
    3) Ya I think it is necessary since it'll give me a job.
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      Nov 19 2011: Yeah you are wright but i was talking about the time we wasted in other things by forgetting the necessary one.
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    Nov 15 2011: 1) I'm watching a dumb movie and eating candy.
    2) Because I don't feel like making an effort, and I enjoy sugar.
    3) Necessary since I can't help myself from such intellectual lewdness, once in a while.