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How would YOU shape the education system if you would have the chance?

Think forward to your CHILDRENS life, be openminded and daring.
How should we make the transition to another system, a better one?
Who might be the main actor to initiate this?
Try to imagine OUR future if our kids would learn in school about food, energy, information technology, communication, social responsability, empathy, self esteem, courage, love, etc.
What would you teach to school children?
What would you teach to undergraduates?


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    Nov 17 2011: To David Hamilton -
    Wow! I could go for that, with some major adjustments, but the part where teaching goes over broadcasting has it's charms. Only, good teaching is a interactive action, at least a dialog is required, equipments to experiment or exemplify are required, and so on. On the part with home schooling, that's what bothers me. How many people do YOU know and think are capable to school their (one or more) kids. And I talk about teaching abilities, knowledge itself, time, pacience or authority and charisma. There are some who can but I believe this is a tiny minority, all others just can't. Education goes over the years, imagine yourself having to do it for your - let say - three children, different ages, day by day, for years to come.
    I can't.
    That's why "teacher" is a profession, not just like other professions but one for very skilled individuals (should at least). The problem is where to find that amount of skilled teachers, how to shape a system which has s sense - this one is a waste of time for everybody - and how to enhance teaching methods.
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      Nov 25 2011: I would merely like to instill in you a sense that if we spent enough money, and if enough brilliant teachers got involved, the broadcasting would do most of the work of the homeschooling for you, to take up a huge chunk of the burden... but I will admit it expects a lot of parents. Parents would basically be the ones trusted for the experimental assistance and hands on stuff... it's a big responsibillity.

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