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How would YOU shape the education system if you would have the chance?

Think forward to your CHILDRENS life, be openminded and daring.
How should we make the transition to another system, a better one?
Who might be the main actor to initiate this?
Try to imagine OUR future if our kids would learn in school about food, energy, information technology, communication, social responsability, empathy, self esteem, courage, love, etc.
What would you teach to school children?
What would you teach to undergraduates?


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    Nov 16 2011: Home-schoolers are answering this question every day. They seize the chance to shape the 'educational system' they give their children. Will this lead to good outcomes or not? That's uncertain. Any transition involves risks which are (for the most part) not foreseeable. It's probably for the best that there's no monolithic 'school system' since none of us know what kind of challenges (and necessary skills) our children -- and grandchildren -- will need in the decades to come. Having a variety of small subsystems is probably the best 'insurance' that one or more of them will prove useful in the crazy world that undoubtedly awaits them....
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      Nov 16 2011: Thank you Thomas. Where I live, there is no home-schooling, it-s against the law. There isn't a variety of subsystems either - it's a system and it is just wrong. But that's not the problem, from what I found out sorting information over the internet, there is no perfect or even good education system. It is impossible to assume that everybody is able to school its kids at home, thousands of reasons. What annoys me is that we pay taxes, education is build on this taxes and NOBODY asks us how to shape education. Ok, this is not a perfect world, but I can't live with that excuse..... It's not about me or you, it's about the future of already 7 billion humans, and counting.
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        Nov 16 2011: I wasn't aware that home-schooling was against the law where you live. It must be strange having strangers insist that they have the right to determine what your children are allowed to learn -- and bar parents from providing an education to their own offspring.

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