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How would YOU shape the education system if you would have the chance?

Think forward to your CHILDRENS life, be openminded and daring.
How should we make the transition to another system, a better one?
Who might be the main actor to initiate this?
Try to imagine OUR future if our kids would learn in school about food, energy, information technology, communication, social responsability, empathy, self esteem, courage, love, etc.
What would you teach to school children?
What would you teach to undergraduates?


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    Nov 15 2011: I think in my country at least, education is too much focused on personal performance. The drawback is that children are focused on themselves only and not on the others.

    This has deep roots. One example: When I was at college, 30 years ago, I remarked that we never learned how to speak to an audience. We had to build presentations, sometimes with slides, but no presentation were spoken. They were read. And as what people heard was a such boring monotone reading, nobody listened.

    How can you be really open minded, be a really communicating person, if you don't learn to listen nor to speak to other people in such way that you gain attention?

    This is building lonely isolated people, more open to greed, selfishness, warriors, than compassionate, respectful and peace-makers people.
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      Nov 16 2011: You're so right Doré! In my contry, we have other problems but the outcome is the same.
      And, what then? What do we do? Any chance to make a change? Is there any movement in your country?
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        Nov 16 2011: Robert,

        You can call me Christophe ! :)

        I don't see any movement in my country. Maybe I don't look at the right place, but at least for my kids (who are 16/18) I have not seen anything really helping in this way.

        I have not thought enough to make a better answer, sorry.


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