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How would YOU shape the education system if you would have the chance?

Think forward to your CHILDRENS life, be openminded and daring.
How should we make the transition to another system, a better one?
Who might be the main actor to initiate this?
Try to imagine OUR future if our kids would learn in school about food, energy, information technology, communication, social responsability, empathy, self esteem, courage, love, etc.
What would you teach to school children?
What would you teach to undergraduates?


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    Nov 15 2011: Intial 5-10 years of education shall be dedicated for imparting behavioral, emotional and personal development education through well researched modules. Today's children are quite fast in picking textbooks complexities . Moral values shall account for 70% of initial educational years.
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      Nov 16 2011: Absolutely! But, how do we innitiate this? How can we push a public and woldwide debate on this?
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        Nov 17 2011: I think somebody from TED shall pick it up, research it, and then present it to global audience. The results of this research will take little longer.
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        Nov 17 2011: Have a squizz at the New Zealand curriculum. it's all about Key Competencies and less about chunks of knowledge.

        Unfortunately, our current government is charging backwards while the rest of the world is looking forwards. They are pushing for going back to standardised, national testing. Such a shame when politicians think they know stuff (but actually don't).

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