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Which books have inspired you the most?

There are millions of books but there only a few that could really inspire you

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  • Nov 20 2011: the book i really loved when i was young was "The God Father" by Mario Puzo. may it was taste of young when i was just 18. but later i started to discover more books and read a lot. some of the books are mentioned above and some of them i have to try. the book really i liked and recommend are 'My Experience of truth' an autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, "An autobiography of Yogi', " Arresting God in Kathamandu" by Samrat Upadhaya (Short collection of Stories), "The White Tiger" by Diamond Shamsher Rana, "Room to Read', it is written by John Wood (VP marketing Department of Microsoft), he quit his job and initiated to open school in rural area of Nepal, Cambodia, India, and some African nations.
    One should read a book as it gives good feelings. Thank you.

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