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Prediction of disasters. Look at the brain of animals. Learn from nature.

It is well known that animals are very sensitive to disasters. Long before the earthquake (hurricane, tsunami, etc.) they leave the hazardous area. Why? Obviously, they have developed a certain sense in their brains. And now we are able to study their brains, find and fix this special sense. We can learn physical and chemical mechanisms of reaction. We can determine the nature of external influence that causes this sense of disaster. Based on it, we can create a special sensor with the same sense of disaster. I think we can make it much more sensitive, then animal's brain, at least one feature.
it will be useful for countries that are in hazardous areas.


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  • Nov 14 2011: Great We tried this after the Tsunami a few years ago in south Asia haven't been able to accomplish Much any ideas of how would be great

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