Vitaly Klopot

Managing Director, InterAcitve, London School of Business and Finance


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I'm happy to sustain and administrate online platforms to educate people in 3world countries all over the world. Need corporate connections!

I'm the managing director of an established distance learning provider delivering education across different levels.
I'd been my dream to bring together philanthropy projects to the company and team up with investors, charities, local education partners that can help us provide the physical space to educate people all over the world!

I already have access to a world class online platform and a world class academic faculty.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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    Nov 14 2011: Yes, I'd like to use the synergy between people with a physical brand and presence in their local respective countries. Basically, if we partner up with local companies and philanthropists that would be ideal!
  • Nov 14 2011: Not very clear . Do you want people to lease out space in different countries? for ?