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Should the minimum age a person could vote be lowered or raised and if so to what age?

Should people be allowed to vote under the age of 18 or should the age be raised back to 21?

There are many well informed young people that may know much more about politics than some of the adults who are allowed to vote and who may not know much about the issues.

Could individuals aged 17 or 16 be entrusted to vote? what about 15, 14 or 13? Their lives will greatly be impacted about decisions our politicians make especially about war as they may be called upon to fight in a war initiated by someone that they had no say in if that person should be granted that power or not. There are many youngsters that may be given a voice in our government. They do have something to say and we all should listen. They may steer us away from war into peace, away from individual profit motive and into open sourcing etc.

Ted is encouraging Youth Day and our youth are our future lets embrace them.

Many individuals under 18 are brilliant, talented, scientists, excellent parents and may contribute to our society if we let them.

What do you think, should we let them in?

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    Nov 15 2011: Raised back to 21? Are we talking US or international voting age? In the UK the voting age of 18 has been in place for 42 years

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