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How low on the evolutionary scale were mirror neurons found? Are there also auditory mirror neurons?

Are they present just from monkeys up? or are they present in all creatures with some form of sensors (e.g. eyes) which are mandatory to create the "mirror" effect?

  • Nov 25 2011: If they are present in monkeys, I would guess they are present in people as well. I would also guess that mirror neurons work for auditory experiences. Imagine how you feel when you listen to music.
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    Nov 24 2011: Hi Stefan
    I see nobody has commented on your post. In all honesty I read it and thought "huh?" I guess it will take a person of a certain intellect to get back to you on that. You have sparked my interest- I am going to explore these mirror neurons. So although I don't have anything to offer on this subject I just thought I'd let you know you made me think! (thank you) I also now see you are an Island neighbor...hope you are also enjoying these wild windstorms! All the best to you.
    • Nov 25 2011: Hi Lori, thanks for your reply. I think indeed it might not be a quick answer, as these experiments sound quite complex and, I guess, expensive. I think though that functionalities supporting social skills might be mandatory in many survival adaptations for various species maybe even some which are consider primitive, but where individuals still relay on each other to pass certain challenges. (and that relaying should require something at least similar to mirror neurons)

      Yes, in this neck of the woods, one needs to have some fun with these snowstorms.
      It would be good to find how many neighbors we have on TED as it would be fun to meet occasionally...

      All the best!