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Does capitalism continue to serve the needs of people?

Suggest your vision for a replacement, if you believe that is necessary.
Which reforms are needed, if you believe that capitalism does serve.


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    Nov 19 2011: I think the solutions can start to be formulated along the lines of Eileen Workman's http://www.sacredeconomics.com . It's time to focus on what works for all humans on the planet, and not just the super elites. And by that I mean all of us reading this as well as our Lords and Masters on Wall Street and at http://www.db.com/ .
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      Nov 20 2011: Your link is faulty. You mean http://www.sacredeconomics.org

      I will check out what Eileen has written when I reach a suitable break in my lengthy to-read list.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

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