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Does capitalism continue to serve the needs of people?

Suggest your vision for a replacement, if you believe that is necessary.
Which reforms are needed, if you believe that capitalism does serve.


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  • Nov 17 2011: Greetings all -

    There is a system called Time Banking ( TimeBanksUSA ) that holds over 3000 local time banks worldwide - reciprocal sharing systems that build true wealth in communities. This is the " Caring Economy" and the concept goes back to the 80's. It's not taxable according to the IRS ( no guarantee of reciprocity ).

    I just watched the movie " Thrive" and came away very hopeful about our human race. Highly recommend!

    There was an element about Caterpillars eating 3 times their body weight a day, then going to sleep and morphing into Butterflies. Our group is convinced there's and energetic and spiritual transformation in progress, possibly just tipped like when 51% of the flock of birds looks one way and the whole flock changes direction...

    We think this is in play now.

    I didn't know the Federal Reserve was privately owned til a year ago. Without the rampaging greed and obscene accumulation of wealth, and egregious military action, we would've stayed asleep.

    DARPA invented the Internet. Goldman Sachs owns Facebook. A huge percentage of internet traffic flows through Northern Virginia, home of the CIA. Yet majority components of all these populations, corporate and governmental, are in fact good folks like us.

    When the Dutch invented Venture Capital, the British jumped in, not realizing it would be the end of the Empire.

    Maybe a compressed and evolved version of that scenario is playing out now - in front of our eyes.

    I think the actual definition of Armageddon is " lifting of the veil ".

    Watch Thrive!

    May cool heads and warm hearts prevail - Love over Fear.
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      Nov 17 2011: Johnny, thanks for that optimistic viewpoint. I will seek out 'Thrive' so I appreciate that suggestion as well.

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