Michelle Rosenthal

social worker, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Given ongoing wars, do we have a psychosis in our species? If so, can it be cured? Most would not conceive war as an answer to any problem.

There are 7 billion people on Earth. We are all part of the human family and we are one species.

How would you categorize the personality of the human species as a whole?

Would you diagnose us as having a compulsive or addictive personality disorder as a whole species overall?

Given humanity's track record on killing, fighting, war, domination, etc going back to Cain and Abel It seems we do not have good problem solving skills. There probably has not been one day on Earth for at least several centuries where no human died at the hand of another. We seem to have an inability to behave appropriately and stop killing one an other.

Do you agree we must pick this up as a problem needing professional intervention?

Can we develop a real global peace plan of care to greatly reduce war

How would you describe the overall medical condition of human species?

Would you say we have been toxified and thus is the term homo-toxicus as put forward by Carole Poliquin in her film an accurate label for us?

Overall would you diagnose us as a healthy or unhealthy species of 7 billion considering the odds that we have of developing one or more chronic diseases in our lifetime is fairly high.

How would you describe our human nature?

Do you think we need to develop a new profession that provides counselling between countries and leaders of countries since the UN has not been very effective in achieving the goal for which it was established?

Have we placed ourselves at the highest risk of extinction since our species can into existence or have we decreased our risk by learning how to overcome overcome many obstacles.

Will we ever stop destroying the environment and other life forms on earth?

Will we make it through and for how long? Could we survive as long as other species for millions of years? Are we destined to extinguish ourselves through shortsightedness of the negative consequences of our actions in a relatively short time frame over the next millennium or two? Peace!

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    Nov 27 2011: LOVE - for everything that surrounds us.
    ACCEPTANCE - through understanding.
    POSITIVE MINDSET - plus openness.
    PROPER NUTRITION - healing from the inside out.
    EDUCATION - directed towards enhancing humanity's great potential.
    MIX THE ABOVE - and you have a trigger for world peace, well-being and long term survival.
  • Nov 15 2011: As long as humans have the "Greed" gene, there will always be unrest & wars.
    I do not agree with G. Obrian: We are not a peaceful species and nor is the world in better spot.
    We may have the brain to improve morality but very few use that tool.
    Eliminate that "Greed" gene & then things will start to improve. And yes, we ALL are greedy to some extent.
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      Dec 12 2011: I think our "Greed" gene is created by our animal instincts of Fear and Anger, and Fear and Anger are created by the design of Nature, which includes Entropy and the Food Chain. If Humanity could benefit from some mental health counseling, it would be to deal with Entropy and the Food Chain, instead of Mother and Father!
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    Dec 11 2011: Humanity's mental health? Wow, Humanity definitely needs psychiatric and psychological help. We need to be treated for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Bipolar, Obesity, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Kleptomania, Hyper-Religiousosity, Delusions of Grandeur, Family related illness...well...

    I suppose it would be helpful if an Extraterrestrial Species would visit and do some Social Work services with us. I believe Prognosis is good, because humanity wants to be part of a bigger group, and Humanity is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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    Nov 27 2011: I would not call war a psychosis as much as an gross distortion of our nature. Many animal once they reach mating age fight over who gets to spend time with the ladies. As much as we try to place wars in a context of geopolitical problems I see it as nothing more as an extension of this desire. The problem is though we are really smart as a species which lead to two problems. 1 we can create incredibly dangerous weapon. 2 Its the young who go off and fight. They are flooded with hormones and can be manipulated by people who aren't per say any smarter, but have a much clearer head, and have practice manipulating young people based cultural templates that have been around longer than any of us.
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    Nov 15 2011: We're a peaceful species, but mostly, we have intellectual tools to improve morality in societies. The world has never been better.