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Are buddhists/monks that say they have found inner peace and happiness, selfish somehow, considering the world around us (poverty,etc)?

Lots of monks in the world dedicate their lives to the pursuit of happiness and inner peace. They live through charity, limited to their temple and village.
Aren´t they sellfish (just a question) knowing after all that there are people around the globe needing help and knowing that they could contribute to them?


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  • Nov 13 2011: Hi João.

    An interesting question. I highly recommend a short article by Dale Wright in Psychology Today in which he looks at precisely this issue.

    He states that "[Buddhist] practitioners vow to seek enlightenment not just for themselves but globally on behalf of everyone" and "we are unable to be of service to others until we have undergone enough self-transformation to begin to see larger realities beyond the importance of our own personal well-being".

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      Nov 13 2011: I propose this philosophy as an essential pre-requisite for becoming a politician - i.e. undertaking sufficient transformation so as to be ready to serve others in a healthy self respecting way without the 'transparent' power games and perpetuated self interests and aligning power networks.


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